Thea Rossmiller, LSW, MSW

Children (5-10), Early Adolescents (11-13), Middle Adolescents (14-18), College (19-21), Young Adults (20-30), Adults, Couples, Parents, Families

Anxiety, OCD, Depression, Trauma, Women’s Issues, PTSD, Disordered Eating, LGBTQIA+, Self-Esteem, Motivation, ADHD, Autism, Stressful Life Transitions, Relationship Stress, Anger Management, Mood Disorders, Art Therapy, Play Therapy

Thea is a passionate individual with a calming presence. She moved to Chicago from a small rural town and has fallen in love with the North Shore area. Since moving, she has found joy serving theLGBTQIA+ community as well as addressing the mental health concerns of people of all ages. She loves to incorporate art into her sessions whether that be music making, painting, drawing, or writing. Thea also has experience with play therapy and working with children living with ADHD, Autism, or trauma.

LGBTQIA+ Community

As a member of the LGBTQIA+ community, Thea experienced what it was like growing up in an environment that was not supportive of her identity. As a young adult she embraced her own identity and began to act as a support network for others. Now, she has taken on the role as liaison for friends seeking assistance for gender affirming care. Her goal is to continue to connect the LGBTQIA+ community to safe places for comfort and resources while providing a holistic therapeutic experience. Thea is comfortable working with individuals who are exploring their gender or sexuality, individuals who are facing trauma or discrimination due to their membership in this community, as well as parents of children who are LGBTQIA+ that need assistance in understanding their children’s needs. Thea has seen first-hand how important a supportive environment can be for members of the LGBTQIA+ community and wishes to provide that space for others.

Autism, ADHD, and More

Thea has a robust passion for the neurodiverse community and has learned through personal experience the tools and techniques needed to help someone in a world that is chaotic and distracting. Through hands-on activities, exploring cognitive barriers, and working on goals one step at a time, Thea has helped children and young adults learn to manage and work with the special abilities they have been gifted.

Couples and Family Therapy

Thea’s biggest key to success, whether it is in relationships, families, or day to day life is communication. Through building on client’s strengths, Thea is able to work with any group of individuals to help them assess and understand each other. She understands the importance of topics like sex, expectations, friendships. rules, parenting and more as they influence one’s connection to others. As a LGBTQIA+ affirming therapist, Thea is comfortable working with a variety of couples including polyamorous relationships.

For Fun…

Thea’s weekends are filled with the stuff out of an Anne of Green Gables reboot. She can often be found cuddling with her rabbit or one of her cats while hand sewing a quilt. Her other passions include oil painting, water coloring, and ceramics! Though busy, she never struggles to find a moment to unwind with a cup of coffee, take a break for a good hike, or spend the night with her family and friends.


“You and your loved ones deserve peace and happiness. Caring for your mental well-being is important in ensuring a long and happy life and I am here to help. Call or email me today to start your healing journey!”

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