Inspire Change for Mental Health is a 501C3 non-profit group offering local mental health support to those who do not have insurance or means to pay. Services are offered through the well-established mental heath facility, Inspire Counseling Center, serving the local communities of Kenilworth, Lake Forest, Northbrook and Evanston.

Our mission:

Once in a while, we are given a chance. A chance to do something different. Something that makes a difference. Happiness can only be achieved with mental health. If you’re struggling inside, nothing in this world can make a difference– fame, beauty, money, success, vacations, Oscars, Super Bowl rings.

Happy, balanced people impact the world by adding value. Hurting people also impact the world in a different way, whether they mean to or not.

Heartbreaking events today are caused by people who are struggling and hurting. School shootings, suicide, hate crimes, bullying, senseless violence–these tragic things are not done by happy people.

The real problem?

When people need counseling the MOST, they often don’t have insurance or means to pay for support. Non-profit agencies are often overwhelmed with demand and have long waitlists.

Imagine if you went to the ER and were told to wait 3 weeks or even 3 months for help. When someone reaches out for counseling support, every minute counts. Mental health is as important as physical health–it’s just not as visible.

You can be part of the solution.

Inspire started a non-profit to support our LOCAL community. Because we have an established business, we can cover administrative costs (rent, staff, supplies, etc.)–so nearly ALL money donated can go straight to people needing counseling. We know you get asked to donate all the time. We do too! :)

So…. why would you consider Inspire Change for Mental Health?

Investing in local mental health is one of the greatest ways to not only impact your communities’s safety, happiness and success– but your own families too.

Inspire Change for Mental Health supports people in times of crisis, without insurance or ability to pay for services. Mental health is just as important as physical health. We don’t want anyone to go without support when it is needed. Mental health doesn’t just impact one individual — it impacts our families, friends, loved ones, the entire community and world.

Join the Gala

Join us for at Sunset Ridge Country Club for a night of fun, dancing, drinks and amazing auction items. This is our FIRST-EVER gala. By joining this event, you will be part of the missions history!

Friday, April 26, 2024


Sunset Ridge Country Club

Investing in mental health is one of the greatest ways to not only impact your communities’s safety, happiness and success– but your own families too.

The best part? All we need from you, is one fun night out!

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Thank you to our Donors & Sponsors:

Malek Family (VIP table)

Kirk & Anna Laufter

Kurt & Tracy Sarbaugh

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Our story

Inspire Counseling Center was founded in 2015 by Lauren Schifferdecker, a local (and native) North Shore mom. She started in a humble, small storage closet as her office (a lot like Harry Potter!). In 2021, after years of behind-the-scenes support, her husband John, officially left his corporate career to help run Inspire full time. After seeing firsthand the needs and benefits of counseling in the community, they expanded to help the communities in Northbrook, Kenilworth, Lake Forest and Evanston.

Today, Inspire has nearly 70 employees offering counseling and psychiatry services. Lauren has been named a “Power Woman” in Sheridan Road magazine’s 2023 roundup– as well as the “Most Influential Women Entrepreneurs Thriving in the Healthcare Ecosystem in 2023” by Healthcare Insights magazine.

Inspire is founded on the belief that mental health should be affordable— all while providing world-class service with top professionals in beautiful offices conveniently located in the heart of the community. As part of that effort, Inspire accepts several insurances to help make services easily accessible and affordable.

Unfortunately, many people do not have insurance or the ability to pay out of pocket for services. Many of the local nonprofit or public aid centers are overwhelmed with demand. They often have incredibly long waitlists, and it can take months to be receive services.

After the horrific shooting incident in a local community, during the Highland Park Fourth of July parade, many of Inspire therapists volunteered their time and service to help. Serendipitously, Jen Eisen, a fellow local North Shore mom and owner of House 406 restaurant, offered to host a fundraiser to help Inspire Counseling Center offer pro-bono services to those desperately in need.

It was in that moment that Inspire Change for Mental Health was born.

Other ways to support!

“She’s Not Crazy” book

If you’ve ever felt lost or confused by your feelings, you’re not crazy. More importantly, you’re not alone. “She’s Not Crazy” is an act of love. Lauren is a seasoned psychotherapist sharing heartfelt, relatable and vulnerable stories and professional tools to harness your feminine power. Feminine power is for all humans. Feminine power is in all humans. Society openly celebrates masculine power, but often overlooks the feminine gifts in power. The truth is we need both for balance. In this book, you’ll gain realistic and easy steps to harness your divine feminine power to enhance your relationships, success and life.

Available on Amazon and Kindle

All proceeds benefit Inspire Change for Mental Health.

How is Inspire Different ?

While there are several wonderful non-profit centers in the community, Inspire Change for Mental Health is different because it is an additional supplement to the founding business, Inspire Counseling Center.

Inspire already has offices, therapists, psychiatrists and administrative staff in place. That means any funds raised go directly go to people in need, and don’t have to be used primarily for overhead, like rent, utilities and supplies.

If you support Inspire Change for Mental Health — you are doing just that. You are making a change for someone’s mental health, which changes the world, one person at a time.

Previous Events — Celebrity Chef fundraiser

Thanks to the generous (and delicious!) support of Jen Eisen, the celebrity chefs Stephanie Izard, Joe Flamm and Eryn Cisneros along with the entire community, Inspire was able to help many more people in need, regardless of their insurance or ability to pay for services — in Inspire’s multiple locations across the North Shore.

When someone reaches out for counseling support, every minute counts.

Can you imagine going to the Emergency Room and waiting weeks or months, if not longer, for help? Mental health is as important as physical health–it’s just not as visible. We believe no one should have to wait for mental health help.

During times of crisis, like the Highland Park 4th of July incident, Inspire therapists raised their hands to volunteer, accepting pro-bono clients and host free support groups. However, they are limited to what they can do, while keeping the practice open.

All proceeds are put 100% toward Inspire’s ability to support people in crisis, or people in need of counseling services, but unable to pay for services.

Any investment in people’s mental health is an investment in the future–making the world a better place to live, not only for ourselves, but for future generations to come.

Inspire is unbelievably grateful for any dollar raised to help make the world a better place.

For more information or to make a donation, contact [email protected] or (847) 919-9096 x1