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The Matchmaking Process

Here’s what will happen in your Matchmaking Call:

Step 1

The Intake Team will help you choose the right therapist, location & appointment time, based on your personal preferences. Don’t worry, they have heard it all will make you feel right at home, safe and comfortable. Anything you share is confidential. They know the team very well and LOVE matching people with the right therapist.

Step 2

After your call, we’ll verify your insurance. The Billing Team will email you with a detailed breakdown, so you will know any payment that will be required. However, we won’t actually charge your card for anything until the claims are received from Insurance, so we ensure everything is accurate. If you have any questions, you’re able to talk directly to one of our billing specialists. (847) 919-9096 ext. 2 or [email protected]

Friends, please know verification is done as a courtesy. However, there are times when insurance representatives misquote benefits. If your insurance provider does not pay for counseling services, you will be responsible for the payment. To double check, you can always call the number on the back of the insurance card to learn more about your coverage. You must have a valid credit card on file at all times to receive services. All billing policies and information can be found by clicking this link to our Rates & Insurances page.

Step 3

Finally, you’ll get an email with a New Client Agreement to review and sign. Look for an email from with instructions to create your profile. It’s quick & easy! New Client Agreements must be signed before beginning any services. Inspire is 100% paper-free, so all your files need to be done online. If you need any help, our Intake Team will help you through the process (847) 919-9096 ext 1 or [email protected]

Step 4

You’re ready to go! We promise to take good care of you and can’t wait to see you!!


Here are some answers to frequently asked questions, to help make you feel right at home.

How do I choose my Therapist?2024-01-24T17:27:07-06:00

You are welcome to search therapists by speciality type, location, service or insurance accepted by clicking here. 

We’re here to hold your hand! Choosing a therapist is a very personal experience. Scrolling through bios is helpful, but there’s a lot you can’t tell just by reading on the internet. Our Therapist Matchmakers are here to find the right fit with the right professional for your unique situation and personality style.

To talk to a LIVE human (and part of our Inspire intake team!) just call us at (847) 919-9096 ext. 1 or email [email protected]

We can’t wait to help you find the right match and get you started!! It’s our favorite part.

What will the first session be like?2023-10-25T02:13:43-05:00

The first session lasts approximately 60 minutes. You’ll have paperwork to complete virtually before your session. The therapist will spend time introducing themselves and getting to know you, your story and your dreams. At the end, you’ll have the option to schedule your next session based upon your availability and goals. There is no pressure to book another session. We’re here for you to come and go as you need.
FOR MINORS UNDER 18: If the session is for a child 12 years or younger, the first session is just with the therapist and parent (s) or guardian. If the client is 12-18, we ask that a parent (or guardian) attend the first session for the first 10-15 minutes. The parent will be able to meet the therapist and help make the child feel comfortable.
PLEASE NOTE: Please share any concerns about your child with the therapist or Intake Team prior to the session— not in front of your child in the session. This is to protect your child and foster a positive start to therapy!

What will all the other sessions be like?2023-10-25T02:14:39-05:00

The second session is our unique formula for goal setting. In this session, your therapist will help you connect and understand what your heart really wants in this life. The remainder of the sessions will then be working on skills to tackle any obstacles in the way of you living your best life. In order to see lasting results, a commitment to at least 8 weekly sessions is recommended. However, we are flexible and can work with you to accommodate your schedule and goals.

FOR MINORS UNDER 18: Parents will not be required to attend the sessions but must be available for the last 10 minutes of the session in case the therapist would like to touch base with you or for any scheduling changes.

How much does therapy cost?2023-10-25T02:16:18-05:00

Counseling is a fee-for-service program. Inspire accepts insurance and offers in-network and out-of-network benefits. We are in-network with BCBS PPO, Humana, Aetna, and UnitedBehaviorHealthcare. All billing policies and information can be found by clicking this link to our Rates & Insurances page.

That’s it. High Fives!! You Did it!!

You are the hero of your own story. You’re on your way to your best life.
Welcome to the Inspire family. We can’t wait to serve you!

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