Cutting-Edge Virtual Reality (VR) offers real-time biofeedback with data driven measures that help put YOU in control of your body and emotions.

Beyond Talking…VR is a different way to transform your life. 

In a safe and controlled environment, you can choose from thousands of settings for your VR experience. You can meditate in Rome, practice yoga in Paris, walk along the beach, stand in front of the finish line, practice standing on stage, or revisit the game-time field or court — all designed to enhance your real life.

As you immerse yourself, our advanced biofeedback sensors provide real-time data on your biological and physiological responses. Your therapist will be tracking the data and walking alongside you the whole time, with real-time insights into how your body reacts to different situations (even ones that you might not be aware of!). Your therapist will help you try new techniques to calm your mind and body and regulate your emotions–transforming negative emotions into positive ones!

In your VR sessions, you’ll be able to enhance traditional therapeutic models for increased motivation, self reflection, and understanding yourself and those around you.

People are RAVING about this new biofeedback tool. Kids are able to better regulate their emotions at school and at home. Athletes are able to keep their minds calmer during game time, seeing better stats and scores–and having more fun in the game! People have been able to reduce their everyday anxiety and reduce the impacts of traumatic memories. Young and old, this tool works different for everyone, but one thing they have in common — it produces data and results.

Data Driven Results

Data driven treatment plans that track your progress and motivate active transformation by retraining your brain and heart connection!

Through this interactive process, you’ll gain real-time insight into how your body reacts to stressors and emotions. Learn how to regulate your responses real-time in virtual reality, in a safe environment with your therapist helping you navigate. Transform negative emotions into positive emotions!

100+ levels for training to treat Anxiety Disorders, Anger, Self-Regulation, and Stress

1000+ levels for various Relaxation Therapies, including Mindfulness Meditations, Virtual Traveling, Athletic Performance, & Art therapy

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Who is VR helpful for?

General Anxiety

Depression and Mood Disorders


Sports Performance


Specific Fears (e.g., Flying, Public Speaking, Heights, Vomiting, “The Dark”, High-Pressure Sports Situations, Dogs, Animals, Elevators, Small Spaces, etc.)

Anger Management

PTSD and Trauma Survivors

ADHD and Executive Functioning Challenges

Kids (or Adults) who have trouble naming or expressing their feelings

Kids (or Adults) who feel uncomfortable talking in counseling