Take your team or group to the next level

Want to improve your group? Personally or professionally-take it to the next level with a motivational speaker. Empower your group with fresh ideas, renewed enthusiasm, and clear steps to take.

Professional & entertaining speakers are affordable and passionate about your group seeing results — effectively and quickly.

What kind of groups use motivational speakers?

Businesses & Entrepreneurs

Spark enthusiasm with your team to improve your business. With specific support for positive communication (live and electronic), staff development, working from home efficiently, networking skills, sales, motivation, grit, morale, setting goals, work-life balance for parents, empowering women in the workplace, or simply bring your group closer together.

Places we’ve spoken: TEDx, Northwestern Mutual, GCG Financial‘s Women’s Networking, Northbrook Public Library

Moms & Parents

Equip yourself with research & tools to handle “hot topics” with your kids. How to handle screen time, positive parenting, drama-free homes, talking to your teens about sex, help over-achievers, self-care in parenting, prepare for IEP meetings, and more. All talks will provide helpful, relatable tools for parents to use

Places we’ve been: MOPS (Moms of Preschoolers), Ridgewood High School, The Chaotic Commute (working moms who commute)

Spiritual Groups & Church Leaders

Combine the latest psychological research and Biblical wisdom to help your community deepen their faith and live their best life. We love supporting women’s events, retreats, leadership groups, youth groups, faith & family events, and more.

Places we’ve been: Willow Creek North Shore (Women of Willow weekend retreat), The Village Presbyterian Church (Women’s Weekends), St. Norbert (Women’s Leadership – all Women’s Guild), and Christ Church of Lake Forest (Youth Group leadership support)

What can you expect from your Inspiring Speaker?

All talks are served with the main course of cutting-edge research with a side of stories, humor and fun — leaving participants energized and motivated.

How do I book a Professional Speaker?

You can contact our office manager at (847) 919-9096 x 1 or [email protected]. We can help you determine your topic and figure out if her services are the right fit for your group.

What does it look like?

What are some topic ideas?

We tailor every talk uniquely for your group. Here are a few ideas to start brainstorming!

  • Communication: How to lose the drama and get more done
  • Positivity: The formula to flourish
  • Parenting: Successful kids (and happy parents!)
  • Bullying: How to spot it and empower kids
  • Divorce with Dignity
  • The Formula for Success
  • Think Your Way Thin
  • Willpower: Secrets to sticking to your goals and plans
  • Marriage: have fun and heartfelt connections
  • Neuroscience: Improve your life and relationships
  • Goal Setting: How to get results in 6 Weeks
  • Sales: Everyone is in sales now, how to be successful
  • Friendships: Girlfriends now and for life
  • Breathwork: Experience an ancient technique of meditation and breath to connect to the spirit
  • Attachment: The science of how we connect with the world
  • Drama-Free Life: How the heck do we do it
  • RCIA: The adventure of becoming Catholic

How much does it cost?

Pricing varies based on the length of the talk and desired activities. We are offering discounted rates for non-profit organizations. Call (847) 919-9096 ext 1 for more information.