Meredith DeVries, MA, LPC, Adolescents (12-17), Young Adults, Adults, Women, Men


Where are you from?

I grew up in Kalamazoo, Michigan, and spent five years in Minnesota before finding my way to Chicago. I’d say I’m a true Midwesterner!

What do you do for fun (hobbies, pets, adventures, etc.)?

I like getting active through yoga, playing volleyball, and going on long walks to explore new areas of the city. I enjoy spending time with friends and family while trying new restaurants. On a cozy day in my favorite thing to do is a puzzle. I love animals and recently became a dog walker which will have to do until I can get my own pup!

What’s your favorite inspirational quote, song, or book?

“Sometimes growth feels like grief”- Rachel Camilo Harris, LMHC
I love listening to anything by Adele, especially when I can belt it out in the car.

Who do you love working with (ages, genders, types of people)?

I truly enjoy working with a variety of different people. I’m a firm believer that you can always learn a thing or two from your clients! I find myself drawn to working with young adults.

What is your favorite thing to help people overcome? (anxiety, disordered eating, depression, perfectionism, etc.)?

I am most passionate about helping people process and heal from trauma. I enjoy seeing my clients recognize their strengths and feel empowered. I also enjoy working with people experiencing depression, anxiety, identity work, and relationship difficulties with a focus on strengthening boundaries.

What is your approach to therapy, what’s your vibe?

The most important thing to me is building a strong relationship where we are on the same team and you feel safe, comfortable, and supported. I take an integrative approach to theories pulling from CBT, ACT, narrative, internal family systems, and mindfulness. In short, I appreciate helping you find a balance in your life that honors your values and the various parts of your identity while utilizing your strengths and teaching skills to remain grounded throughout the process. All that being said, I love feedback and want my clients to know that they have a say in what our sessions look like!

What excites you most about your job?

I love getting to know all the unique parts and experiences of my clients that make them who they are. I think the moments that excite me the most are when a client recognizes their resiliency or learn something new about themselves. While growth and change can be uncomfortable, they can also feel so refreshing!

What inspired you to become a therapist/counselor?

The first time I knew I wanted to go into the field of psychology was in high school during an intro psychology course. I was fascinated by the brain and what really makes us human! After gaining research experience in undergrad, I knew that I was missing the one-on-one interaction. I wanted to help create change on an individual level and hear people’s unique life stories. It was from then on that I knew becoming a therapist would be my path!