Leadership is often thought of in an office setting, but it is most certainly found in families, friendships and relationships.

I have spent a lot of time studying leadership and transformation. I have learned that anything good in life requires hard work. Whether it’s weight loss, love, spirituality, improving relationships–anything good in life requires effort, learning and some failure. The definition of hard work is not by the intensity or passion, it is simply being diligent and consistent. Intensity and passion can help, but if they don’t come with consistency and diligence, they are just a flash in the pan.

The Chinese symbol for crisis and threat is the same as opportunity.

Great leadership isn’t always easy. In order to lead and inspire change, you need support and ways to replenish our brain.

How to replenish blood flow and brain cell renewal: meditating, praying to a loving God, moderate exercise, pets you can pet, having hope and expressing your feelings

The key to good leadership is relationships, you need followers to follow if you’re going to be an effective leader. Think about it, if no one is following, then it isn’t leadership – it’s personal work – which is great, but be clear what your intentions are. If you want to create change in your team, family, friend-group, then you need leadership. For example, if you’re eating healthy to influence others around you, that’s leadership. If you’re eating healthy just for you – that’s personal work.

If you want to influence others, inspiring and asking are much more efficient tools than control. In the words of my grandma, “You always get more bees with honey” which is true.

What I teach my clients is about requisite variety. Meaning, the more variety in your leadership tactics, the better. If you’re always encouraging and kind or always critical and nit-picking, it is not nearly as effective as being able to use both muscles.

Part of inspiring others is seeing others clearly. Noticing them and how they work, what motivates them, what scares them. And in order to do that, you need to understand yourself.

Transfomrational challenge for you today: think about how you inspire or lead others. Maybe with your family, your team at work, or your friends. Is it more on the “kind” side without honest feedback? Or is it typically critical and not acknowledging their accomplishments? Whatever your style, try adding in the opposite side …. and sit back and see what happens!

Would love to hear comments if you try it. The more leadership styles you have, the more you increase your power.

Hope this inspires you –go for your life! Live it today!! Don’t let anything stop you. Be a transformational leader in your life and others.