Katherine Hennessey, MA, LPC

Kids (5-10), Early Adolescents (10-13), Middle Adolescents (14-18), College (18-21), Young Adults (20-30), Adults

Anxiety, Depression, Separation and Divorce (children and parents), ADHD, ADD, Trauma, Bullying, Disordered Eating, Life Transitions, Women’s Issues, Relationship Stress

Hello! My name is Katherine Hennessey. I grew up in St. Louis and have been living in Chicago since 2019! I went to University of Kentucky for my undergraduate degree where I studied Marketing. Throughout my first year of work, I had a persistent nagging feeling in the back of my mind telling me I was not in the right field. I trusted my gut, went back to graduate school at the Chicago School of Professional Psychology to get my Master’s to become a therapist and I have not looked back since! I found myself drawn to therapy, as I have a deep passion for helping guide and support others through creating a safe space that allows people to embrace their authentic self. 

In working with me, you will experience acceptance, warmth, positive energy, humor, and the ability to put your guard down. We will work as a team to move you toward your goals in a way that feels comfortable and right for you! 

On my off time, I LOVE cooking, going on walks, catching up with friends, and kick boxing! 

Disordered Eating and Body Image

In the current age of social media and comparison, body image and a complicated relationship with food is something many of us experience. This was one of my hardest battles growing up. I am able to work with you in navigating your relationship with your body, food, and exercise in a way that is gentle and led with self-love and acceptance. For me, leaning into cooking and trying new recipes has helped me re-brand food as something to celebrate, as opposed to something we feel a battle with. 

Separation and Divorce 

Having personally experienced the stress, confusion, and pain that can come from divorce or separation within the family unit, I have an elevated level of empathy for people experiencing this. I am passionate about helping people adapt to their new normal, sit in the uncomfortable feelings, and continue to strengthen individual relationships with family members through this new time.


One thing I’ve learned is kids have A LOT to say, but often don’t know how to say it! This might result in them shutting down or acting out. I am committed to finding unique and creative ways to help your child express themselves and find their own voice in therapy. I have experience working with children who suffer from issues such as autism, ADHD, social anxiety, and selective mutism. 

Early Adolescents, Middle Adolescents, College

I have a deep and unique understanding of the issues these populations experience. Early adolescence is when I first went to therapy and saw the way it changed my life! Early adolescence through college is a time where we may experience bullying, increased pressure stress, and new social dynamics. There is no better time to invest in getting to know and love yourself.

Young Adults and Adults

Two words: LIFE TRANSITIONS! When I graduated college, I felt that no one warned me about how difficult the transition was going to be! This time comes with newfound responsibilities and stressors we may not have the tools to deal with. This population is often overlooked but I want you to know, I see you and your stress is valid. This is also a time where we may begin to see new dynamics within our families, friend circles, or have to start making big decisions. I’m here to say I understand you, and I want to walk with you through the stress and changes. 

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