Kate Dakhoul, MSW

Middle Adolescents (14-17), Late Adolescents/College (18-21), Young Adults (22+) 

Anxiety, Eating Disorders, Eating Issues, Mood Disorders, Trauma, Depression, Executive Functioning, Self Esteem, Friendships, Relationships, Grief, Loss.

Kate has a bright, welcoming presence that makes you feel instantly comfortable. She brings extensive experience as the Program Manager of a residential eating disorder program. In addition to her expertise (DBT, CBT, ACT, Exposure Therapy, CBITS) Kate combines a real, down-to-earth approach with clients that is gentle and effective.

Kate can relate professionally & personally to adolescents struggling

Kate can easily relate to adolescents and 20-somethings from her own personal experiences of loss and struggle. She loves empowering people to overcome their hardships and setbacks and move forward with a healthy sense of self-love and confidence.

She knows change can be scary and change can be a tremendous opportunity for growth. Kate is empathetic, direct, honest, and a good listener. Her goal is to empower clients to embrace their uniqueness, strengths, and values to overcome challenges. Feeling safe, heard, and respected is important in therapy. She uses compassion, empathy, and humor to create a warm and healing environment to work together to accomplish your goals.

Finds & works with your strengths

Kate has a strong passion for working with people to find effective ways of managing life’s stressors. She believes that everyone has individual strengths and will work collaboratively with clients to identify their strengths that we can develop upon with new insights and coping skills.

Prior to private practice, she was a Manager of a Mood, Anxiety, and Trauma residential at ERC Insight.

For Fun

In her free time, Kate loves spending time with her husband & pup Kora (who likes Starbucks almost as much as Kate!!). Her husband is a self-proclaimed foodie, so they have had fun adventures finding fun tasty treats around the city and world. They love taking trips and can’t wait to travel again.

Kate also loves spending time with her family. They’ve been through so much together that Kate knows the value of growing closer and having your family be your biggest cheerleaders.

Above all else, Kate’s motto is: “Everything is figure-out-able!! “

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