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She’s Not Crazy….

In today’s world it’s easy to feel bombarded with the pressures of life…being a perfect spouse, partner, parent or professional can make just about anyone feel like you’re going crazy trying to keep up! Hi, I’m Lauren Schifferdecker, LCPC and owner of Inspire. And, I’m on a mission to tell people that they’re not crazy. Each and everyone of us, want to find balance in our lives and having the tools to do this, is key to unlocking your greatest life….on this podcast we sharing stories and techniques that inspire, enlighten, and hopefully entertain along the way!

Inspiration is contagious.Help us inspire others by sharing your story about how you have navigated the challenge of finding balance or acceptance in your life.

It’s people and their stories that truly inspire us. Your story can give people hope and courage.

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Lauren Schifferdecker, Host of She’s Not Crazy podcast!

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