Amanda Higginbotham, MA, LPC

College (18-21), Young Adults (20-30), Adults, Couples, Parents

Mood Disorders, Anxiety Disorders, Self-Concept, Adult ADHD/Neurodivergence, Trauma, Life Transitions, Chronic Stress, Women’s Issues, Parenting Challenges, Premarital, Relationship Issues, Spirituality

As a Lake Bluff resident, along with her husband and two children, Amanda understands the rewards and challenges of being part of the local community, the demands of busy family life, and modern life in general.

No stranger to the impacts of a variety of issues that so many of us grapple with (i.e. struggles with stress, mood, anxiety, parenting, and much more), she understands how overwhelming they can be, as well as how much there is to be gained by taking charge of our mental health and overall wellness. These are just a few of the many reasons why she has dedicated her career to helping others experience growth and healing through counseling, seeing firsthand the power of this particular form of support and care.

When you meet Amanda, she hopes you’ll quickly sense her passion for providing a warm, deeply understanding environment that helps to cultivate feelings of calm, safety and hope for the future. Her therapeutic approach is grounded in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT)-informed techniques, Existential Therapy influences, and may include a variety of other thoughtfully-integrated approaches that are tailored to individual client needs.

Mood and Anxiety Disorders 

A great many of us have been touched by these challenging issues–either directly, or through someone close to us–and Amanda is no exception. She is well aware of their ability to wreak havoc on our lives, as well as how insurmountable they can seem, which is why she is deeply committed to helping clients experience the reality that they can be overcome.  While working to identify and process experiences, patterns of thought, or other factors that have given rise to symptoms, Amanda also attempts to provide clients with resources and techniques that can be put into practice right away, whenever possible.  She aims to provide an understanding and comforting environment that helps to create room for both significant relief in the short-term, as well as profound healing in the long-term.

Parenting Support, Parents of Children with Special Needs

As a mother of two children, one of whom has special needs, there is a special place in Amanda’s heart for those on a similar path.  She has personal experience with walking with a child through surgeries, congenital issues, early intervention services, figuring out accurate diagnoses, navigating the school system, and more.

She is also keenly aware of the unique joys of this journey, the emotional rollercoasters, the precious gifts that all children bring to the world, and the importance of self-care for parents so that all may thrive.

Women’s Issues

While she enthusiastically welcomes men as clients as well, Amanda’s own experiences have definitely contributed to her desire to work with women in all stages of life.  Whether a client is navigating transitions (graduating, college, entering the workforce, marriage, parenting, relationship changes, aging, etc), dealing with the ever-present challenges of motherhood, struggling with grief or loss in their many forms, dealing with the aftermath of traumatic experiences, balancing the many demands of life along with societal expectations, or a variety of other issues, she aims to be a safe space, a trusted sounding board, and a partner in growth.



Amanda is aware that spirituality/faith (in a great many forms, and to varying degrees) is important to many who are searching for a therapist, and that they would like to see someone whose therapeutic approach is overtly friendly to this element of the human experience.  While she is seminary-trained and able to provide faith-based Christian counseling from an Integrationist perspective (integrating a Christian worldview with evidence-based therapies) if specifically requested, Amanda is also an avid student of both ancient and modern forms of spiritual practice, world religions, and approaches to the spiritual life. 

Whether a client is a person of specific and deep faith, exploring the “big questions” of life and meaning, wrestling with doubts, deconstructing, dealing with religious trauma, or a host of other potentialities, Amanda is passionate about creating a safe and welcoming space for processing spiritual life and experiences as it relates to mental health.

For Fun

When not seeing clients, Amanda can be found hanging out or adventuring with her family, spending time in nature (especially in or around the water), surrounded by a pile of books, making travel plans, studying spiritual topics, and/or playing excessive amounts of fetchies with her family’s rescue dog, Vesper.


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