Conrad Burghardt, LSW

Kids (5-10), Adolescents (10-18), College (18-21), Adults, Couples, Parents, Families

Anxiety, Depression, Self-Worth and Self Esteem, Trauma, Life Transitions, LGBTQIA+ Affirming, Addiction, Men’s Issues, Family or Relationship Stress

Hello Hello! I’m Conrad. I grew up on the North Shore and I’m very excited to further serve this wonderful community. At the core of my approach to therapy is an unconditional positive regard for you; I believe in a compassionate, collaborative approach to care that provides a safe environment for the vulnerabilities necessary for change.

I utilize a variety of models for therapy as best fit for the needs and desires of my clientele, with personal experience in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, Bowenian Family Therapy, Gottman’s method, and Solution Focused Brief Treatment models. I look forward to meeting with you and working together to navigate life’s turbulence and achieve your best self.


As a former “Troubled Youth” myself, I know firsthand the power that genuine respect and honest collaboration can have in helping impact the direction of developing minds. I understand the importance of providing an even playing field at a time when the development of personal independence and decision making is crucial, and seek to provide adolescent clients with a space where they are able to advocate for themselves, and feel respected in their development into adulthood.


Going off to college can be both an exceedingly exciting and exceedingly difficult point in anyone’s life, I know firsthand it was for mine. Working as a student leader during both my undergraduate (Northwestern University) and graduate careers (Loyola University, I’ve worked with hundreds of students navigating the academic, social, and emotional pressures that the environment provides. I believe in authenticity and collaboration in care, working to empower college aged students to shape their own future, while providing an empathetic and understanding ear to the road bumps along the way.


Working in both evaluation and group counseling with PEER Services’ Adult and Adolescent program, I know the challenge of even reaching out to ask for help when battling addiction. I believe in a harm reduction approach, working with you to manage your boundaries, build your coping skills, recognize your strengths, and employ every tool in your toolbox to reach whatever your goals may look like.

Families and Couples

When working with Families and Couples, I believe most tension comes from deficiencies in trust and communication. Through the utilization of Murray Bowen’s Family Therapy and John Gottman’s Methods, I work to recognize and name these deficiencies, opening up pathways for open communication between members of the system, and provide collaborative care, working together with the entire unit so that everyone feels heard.

For Fun

To me, happiness is taking my dog for a long walk, cooking a new dish, going for a nice sail on the lake, a nap on a rainy day, a game played with friends, or baking far too many brownies.

This is my dog, Geraldine, my personal therapist and a frequent feature in my telehealth services.

Fun fact, I was the President of Northwestern’s A Cappella Community Alliance, and interned for the Chicago Blues Revival, as I love music and singing.


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