Hilary Hoye, LSW, MSW

Adolescents (11-18), Adults, Couples, Parents, Families

Anxiety, Depression, Stressful Life Transitions, Perinatal Loss and Grief, Pregnancy Related Mental Health, Pregnancy Difficulties and Infertility, Emotional Regulation, Self-Esteem, Divorce, Relationship Stress

Hi there!  My name is Hilary.  If you work with me, you’ll find my style to be easygoing, compassionate, and genuine.  Together, we’ll create a safe relationship so you can say anything and everything feeling free of judgment or expectations.  My goal is to help you feel free of stress, anxiety, expectations, and feel in control of your life. We will build distress tolerance, confront anxious thoughts, increase insight awareness and enact change and growth.  I hope to connect, support and empower you on your journey to healing and self-discovery.

Moms at all stages 

Do you feel overwhelmed by pressures you put on yourself? Do you struggle with the distance between your dreams and the reality of being a great mom? I understand, personally and professionally. I’m here to hold your hand through this beautiful and challenging journey. I am passionate about supporting women as they navigate each and every stage of motherhood.

I know, firsthand, the emotional toll infertility and pregnancy loss can take on women and couples.  As a dedicated therapist, I hope to be a “port in a storm” for clients that encounter fertility issues, perinatal mood disorders, and pregnancy loss and grief.

As moms, we often are the LAST person we take care of. And, often our ideas of self-care can leave us feeling anything but rejuvenated. The truth is that when we invest in our own mental health, happiness and dreams, it improves the lives of all the people we love. Moms are expected to be strong at all times and it can be a challenge to find the time to reach out for help.  Taking care of ourselves and our own mental health is equally as important as taking care of our family!  


Adolescent girls have so much pressure these days–navigating friends, social media, appearance, school, dating, sports, family life. Many put pressure on themselves to be excellent in every area of life, which is impossible and unchecked can turn into anxiety and depression. I’ve worked with girls individually and in groups to overcome the challenges of bullying, low self-esteem, and self harm.  The adolescent season is a time of transition.  Adolescents are ultimately preparing to leave home and become an adult. During this season, it is invaluable to have a safe, positive space to process the many emotions and adjustments that they experience as they grow into young adults. The lessons and tools they learn today, will last far into their future and set them up for success in their own adult life.


No matter what stage you are in with your couple- stale roommates, frustrated, navigating a divorce– having a space for safe and positive communication makes a huge impact. My clinical experience includes counseling couples facing divorce mediation and custodial disputes.  I have seen how important communication and compassion is for resolving relationship and familial struggles.  I will provide a safe and non-judgmental space for couples to do the deep therapeutic work to heal and grow individually and together.

For Fun…

I love spending time with family and friends.  I am a mom of three young kids.  I spend a lot of time connecting with them and enjoying the everyday wonders through their eyes.  When I’m not cheering on my kids at various activities, I enjoy playing tennis both socially and competitively. I love to read and am always looking for recommendations for my next favorite book.


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