Stephen Sullivan, NCC, LPC

Child/Adolescent (9-18), Young Adult (19-24), Adults, Men, Families and Couples. 

Depression, Anxiety, Substance Abuse, Emotional Abuse, Trauma, ODD, Anger Management, Spirituality, and Self Esteem.

Stephen is a Chicago-land native. He moved between Chicago and its suburbs a lot and loves to connect with new people. He knew he wanted to be a therapist starting in the fourth grade and has a passion for helping people develop a loving relationship with themselves.

Stephen has a BA in Theology and, for a while, saw himself becoming a pastor as a way to mentor and support others, but ultimately decided that becoming a counselor would be the best way to help others of all faiths and beliefs. He got his MA in Clinical Mental Health Counseling at Concordia University and, since then, has been working in a counselor role and loves what he does.

Connecting with Adolescents

To this day, Stephen still sees himself as a big kid at heart which helps him to connect with teens. Stephen spent three years working in various CPS high schools as a full-time tutor and, more often than not, an unofficial counselor as students would come to him to help them with their life problems or confide in him. Stephen is warm, understanding, and non-judgmental which helps him to create genuine relationships and rapport with his adolescent clients.

Couples Therapy

Stephen knows personally the value of investing in your relationship. He is passionate about helping couples learn to communicate effectively and express themselves to one another in a loving, healthy way. Stephen is often his friends’ and family members’ go-to person for relationship advice and loves supporting the people in his life in that capacity.


Outside of the office, you’ll find Stephen spending time with his fiancée and two young children (and their cat, Gigi!). He also enjoys watching Food Network, Star Wars, and comedy shows. Stephen is a proud member of the Planetary Society and loves all things space-related!

He also enjoys listening to the occasional podcast about Narcissistic Personality Disorder. He loves to cook and makes a mean gumbo :)

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