Jamie Rosenbaum, MSW

Children, Adolescents (11 – 18) and College-aged 

Anxiety, Depression, Self-Esteem, Relationships, Autism

Jamie grew up in Deerfield and understands the challenges and rewards the Northshore kids face today. She brings a warm and positive demeanor that makes you feel supported and safe. She prides herself on creating spaces in which her clients feel valued, heard and understood.

Jamie has a wide variety (and unique!) set of skills she brings to her counseling sessions. She has worked in North Shore schools, including Glenbrook North High School (GBN) and Deerfield elementary DISTRICT 109. In addition to schools, Jamie knows all about wildlife and nature with a Bachelor of Science in Zoology from University of Wisconsin – Madison.

After graduating, she worked at Lincoln Park Zoo educating youth about engaging with animals and nature.  Because of all this — Jamie is able to create an interactive and hands-on environment for clients of all ages.

Therapeutic experience in schools

Jamie has a strong knowledge in partnering with school systems and understanding what is possible to best support children.

Jamie knows the importance and power fo counseling –personally and professionally. When she was growing up, she knew what it felt like to be anxious and did not like to talk about her feelings. Rather, she would let things build up and saw therapy as a fix rather than a process. It wasn’t until she began therapy during her adolescent years, that she learned the power and freedom from the counseling process.

If not for her own therapist, she would not have developed her own personal passion of helping others and normalizing talking about mental health. I see that therapy adds to each person’s strengths, getting more support, learning self-reflection and learning you have the power to make your own life better. For this reason, Jamie loves to find people’s strengths, empowering them to build their own self-confidence and recognize they are innately amazing!!

Wildlife, Nature and hands-on experience for kids of all ages

Jamie also brings a zoological background to our practice, as she previously worked at Lincoln Park Zoo as an informal educator. Jamie led numerous classes with children, adolescents and college aged students focused on engaging with animals and nature. Jamie brings this into her practice by creating an interactive and hands-on environment for young clients.

For Fun…

For fun, Jamie loves going on long walks with her dog and exploring different areas of the city! She and her partner enjoy relaxing, trying new restaurants and spending time with friends!


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